On this page we feature those people who go above and beyond by helping create the dynamic movement of The Crowd Versus.

Those people who wish to have their identities shared are pictured below, with their profile as created during their log-in with The Crowd Versus. They have agreed to share their own Versus pages, be it as a lawyer, musician, artist, blogger. These persons are global citizens who care about what happens in other parts of the world and they have decided to step up and change it by becoming active, online, within their communities or cities, wherever.

At The Crowd Versus, we support these global citizens in their endeavor to change the world to benefit all, not just the few.

Do you want to join this page? Send us an email at support@thecrowdversus.org and give us your reasons why, plus a great picture of you and/or your action.

Pablo Fajardo Mendoza during television interview
Beaver Lake Cree at filing of Amended Amended Statement of Claim
Bishop Desmond Tutu and Kirsten Youens
Bishop Desmond Tutu and Kirsten Youens

Jan van de Venis en Roelof Hemmen van BNR
Q’Orianka Kilcher
Q’Orianka Kilcher
Our new Secretary to the Board, Ms. Leida Rijnhout
Justino Piaguaje
In support of native mais in Mexico