Protect the Canadian Pacific Coast, Pass Bill C-48

Re-published by West Coast Environmental Law here, with online letter-writing tool to Canadian Senators, on 14 May 2019

For decades, First Nations, communities and residents have worked to defend the north Pacific coast from the unacceptable risk of oil spills and oil tanker traffic. And right now, Canadian Senators are considering a bill that would entrench a strong north coast oil tanker ban in law.

Bill C-48, the Oil Tanker Moratorium Act, was passed in the House of Commons and is now before the Senate, where it’s been held up for almost a year.

The oil industry is trying to kill this important legislation – and now time is running out!

Will you take a moment to write to Senators and urge them to pass Bill C-48? 

West Coast has been working for decades to secure a legal tanker ban. This bill reflects the concerns of thousands of residents in northwestern BC and beyond who worked together for many years to stop the Enbridge Northern Gateway project and prevent oil spills in the Great Bear Rainforest.

It’s a crucial step in safeguarding the sensitive ecosystems and wild salmon in the region, and the communities, Indigenous cultures and livelihoods that rely on them.

The Senate needs to hear from Canadians like you, who agree that oil tankers have no place on the north Pacific coast. It’s important for them to hear your personal stories and perspectives about why the region’s unique ecosystems, communities, and healthy local economies deserve legislated protection from the threat of oil tankers. 

Please send an email to a list of key Senators at the addresses below, expressing your strong support for Bill C-48 and telling them why.

If you’d like to know what West Coast said to the Senate, take a look at our recent written submission supporting the bill.

Bill C-48 goes a long way toward protecting the north Pacific coast from the threat of crude oil spills from large tankers, taking future proposals for major oil tanker projects like Enbridge Northern Gateway off the table for good.

Please join us in calling on Senators to pass this bill without further delay!


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