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After the European elections, META has great ideas to help new MEPs and potential Commissioners with five green ideas that could blossom in the next five years.

A short synopsis of the options offered:

1. A European Green New Deal

The European Union needs to get the ball rolling on a new environmental action programme – or European ‘Green New Deal’.

2. New European Commission Vice-Presidents for…

The European Commission plays a crucial role in the lawmaking process of the European Union. Various Vice-President positions already exist in the Commission, but the Environment and Climate roles are not yet represented at this level.

3. A Sustainable Development Goals strategy

17 Goals have been developed by the United Nations to achieve a sustainable future for all. These goals, called the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ – or ‘SDGs’ – target all aspects of sustainability, from poverty to clean oceans.

4. Net zero emissions

At the end of last year the European Commission presented a strategic long-term vision of achieving a climate-neutral economy by 2050. Last month eight EU countries called for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

5. A ‘Paris moment’ for Biodiversity

A study carried out by the world’s top nature scientists and representatives from 132 governments warned us recently that humanity faces a global environmental emergency.

The three-year assessment into the health of our planet’s ecosystems reveals the alarming extent of global biodiversity breakdown with up to one million species set to disappear within a few decades.

Marie-Amélie Brun sums it up in her article: 5 Green Ideas for the EU in the Next Five Years

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Meet our team: Jan Willem Nieuwenhuys – Treasurer of the Executive Board

28 February 2019

The team members of the Crowd Versus work and volunteer their time behind the scenes. We are a diverse group of people, but we share a clear mission: to hold irresponsible companies accountable for their actions on the legal playing field.

The Treasurer

Today we would like you to meet Jan Willem Nieuwenhuys. Jan Willem is our Treasurer and we are happy to have him on the Executive Board. Jan Willem spent his working life to improve the sustainability of the financial sector. He was one of the first bankers to start with impact-investing for his clients, while creating social and financial value.

Sustainability comes naturally

“Sustainability comes naturally to me,” Jan Willem says. “When my first child was born, I asked myself, is this the world I want her to grow up in? No, of course not. I learned the profession of asset manager in a traditional way and I didn’t want to proceed in that same way. Which is why, in 1990, I established Nieuwenhuys, Brink, Crommelin Duurzaam Vermogensbeheer. Sustainable investment is now so successful that there is actually no reason not to invest in this way.”

Fair Capital Partners

At this moment Jan Willem Nieuwenhuys is Chair of the Board of Directors at Fair Capital Partners asset management, part of the Board of The Crowd Versus, and he volunteers for many other organizations. We provide you with a selection of his activities and accomplishments.

Founder of Fair Capital Partners Asset Management (since 2018)
Commissioner Houdstermaatschappij Zuid-Holland (since 2017)
Member of the Board Bergplaats (since 2017)
President of the Board Partos (since 2016)
Member of the Board Hinderrust Foundation (since 2014)
Member of the Board KNHM (2012) and Commissaris KNHM Participations (since 2016)
Director ASN Bank Asset Management (2010 – 2018)
Commissioner Doen Participations (2003 – 2006)
President of the Board Social Venture Network Netherlands (2001 – 2006)
Member of the Board, Human Rights Watch (since 1995)
Director Niewenhuys, Brink, Crommelin (NBI Vermogensplanning) (1990 – 2010)