6 Tips to Use Social Media to Boost Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Posted on December 14, 2018

Worldwide the number of crowdfunding campaigns keeps growing. 

Social media can help you drive traffic to your website and make sure your campaign gets noticed. 

These 6 tips help you to boost your campaign:

1. Choose the right platform

For crowdfunding marketing, we prefer quality over quantity. Of course, you want to share your message with a big audience. You also need to figure out where you can reach your target group best.

For most campaigns, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook prove to be effective. They give you access to an (almost) unlimited group of potential supporters.

While you focus on Twitter and Facebook, don’t forget the other platforms. Try to claim all top social networks with your campaign name. That makes it easier to add other platforms to your strategy, whenever you think is the right time.

If building up an audience goes (too) slow, you can choose to use Facebook Ads. With Facebook Ads you reach a bigger audience to create awareness. It is a small financial investment, but you will definitely get good results.

2. Complete profiles

When you have chosen your focus platforms, make sure you complete your profiles. With a fully filled profile your page looks better. People can find all relevant information easily. It looks reliable.

To support your story, use high quality photos and a branded cover/header photo.

Another important tip: use the same one across all channels. This starts to create brand recognition, as the pros call it.

3. Landing page

You use social media to get traffic to your website.

Your visitors will first arrive on your website home page or linked page. Make sure your landing page is up to date and the message is clear.

Make it easy for your visitors to leave their email address behind. When you obtain email addresses, you can start a conversation through a newsletter or personalized email.

When you connect with your potential supporters on a consistent basis, you can turn your leads into donors.

4. Post daily with a call to action

When your campaign is up and running, make sure you post content on your social media channels on a daily basis, but only on certain channels. Twitter is best suited for this. Pinterest and Tumblr also enjoy daily posting to create awareness.

This will constantly drive traffic to your website and create awareness for your campaign.

Other values count for Facebook and LinkedIn. These channels you should dose carefully and directed at the right time for your audience.

5. Use the same hashtags

For people to find you, use relevant hashtags for all your social media posts.

First, find out what people are looking for. Then do a search for which hashtags are popular.

Use them consistently and for all your posts. This is how you reach the right audience for your campaign.

6. Talk to people

Use social media (Twitter again) to start a conversation with people involved in your field. Interact with people who are interested in your campaign or highly influential.

Don’t be shy.

Social media is made for reaching out to others.

RAVEN Trust Shares Some of Their Major Accomplishments

Posted on December 13, 2018

Tar Sands mining RAVEN Trust

Last week, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley announced a cut in tar sands production. 

A drop in prices for dirty bitumen has been blamed on lack of pipeline capacity, which has been blamed on RAVEN Trust. Besides this, RAVEN Trust has enjoyed other major accomplishments: an overview. 

RAVEN Trust’s Accomplishments

By backing Indigenous Nations in court, RAVEN Trust stopped Enbridge. Together with and thanks to the Tsleil Waututh, Squamish, Coldwater and Secwepemc Nations. All these collaborated to stop the (formerly Kinder Morgan) TransMountain pipeline expansion.

Good news!

Over a Million Canadian Dollars

By harnessing the power of cutting edge, digital organizing, tools, RAVEN Trust invited dedicated people to help. These people supported by donating, fundraising online, and organizing events. These people helped to raise over a million dollars (and counting) to fund game-changing court cases. These cases have forced the government and industry to take Indigenous rights seriously.

A Winning Streak in the Canadian Courts

At this moment in history, Indigenous First Nations are on an unprecedented winning streak in the country’s courts. These wins are setting powerful precedents that will reshape our common future.

The impact of RAVEN Trust’s work writes the landscape.

Held Off Open Pit Mining

RAVEN Trust prevented two major pipelines from transforming the Pacific coast into a fossil fuel export superhighway. They have held off open pit mining in the Tsilhqot’in. They have sent LNG giant Petronas packing. And they pushed back against industrial development of the Yukon’s pristine Peel Watershed.

RAVEN Trust Circle of Allies

RAVEN Trust started the ‘Circle of Allies’. The time is now. Together we pull harder, because the gains made are counterbalanced by a ruthless fossil fuel industry. This fossil fuel industry grows more desperate as its climate impact becomes irrefutably clear.

While the world teeters on the brink of climate catastrophe, the cost of inaction is just too great.

We can wallow in despair or we can use our collective power to turn the tide.

RAVEN Trust invites people to join their Circle of Allies, with the following message:

Please commit to help Indigenous Nations see groundbreaking legal challenges through, all the way from inception to eventual success: find out more about our Circle of Allies.

The Crowd Versus is honored and proud to work with this powerful organization.