2019 Update Report about Collective Action Protecting Native Mexican Corn From Genetic Modification

Published 31 July 2019

We have litigated for five year in 19 federal courts to defend, through this class action lawsuit, Mexican native maize and its wild relatives against the depredation of transnational corporations Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow Agrosciences, and PHI Mexico (better known around the world as DuPont), and against complicity of two Ministry of State (agriculture and environment). This would end the genetic biodiversity of corn in the environment.

The lawsuit seeks of the federal courts a judgment where they declare that the release or sowing of transgenic maize will damage the human right to biological diversity of native maize, of current and future generations; as well as the human rights to food, health and native peoples. The ultimate purpose is to deny all permits for the release or planting of GMOs for maize.

The complainants of this class action lawsuit have succeeded in suspending the sowing of transgenic corn throughout the entire country from September 2013 to date, thanks to a precautionary measure ordered by the judicial branch. Since 2016, only planting permits can be granted for scientific purposes, but if the biosecurity measures are not effective the judge is authorized to suspend all types of permits, as well as the scientist of the class action lawsuit can know, comment and challenge the vigilance that the judge performs on the glyphosate herbicide, the unauthorized presence of transgenics and scientific research. However, the Agriculture Ministry has not issued any permits.

In addition, Agriculture Ministry and Environmental Ministry since 2016 must submit monthly reports to the judge where they must report that NO permission to plant corn transgenic has been granted or processed. The transnational defendants have tried 15 amparo trials to withdraw the injunction, so far we have won 11 trial, 4 are pending resolution by the Supreme Court.

In these five years, the main trial has passed the stages of preliminary admission, certification of the lawsuit (at this stage it passed 11 lawsuits of amparo that promoted the federal government and transnationals), offer and preparation of evidence.

We are currently processing challenges on the preparation of the evidence, because the defendants in the trial try to justify their technology by mutilating scientific articles financed by themselves with incomplete translations. The stages that remain pending in the first instance are the final hearing and the judgment.

Call to Action

Do you wish to contribute your art work or time to help this important legal injunction to keep stopping Monsanto and others from selling their GM corn? We will amplify your submission over all our social media channels!

Check this link or donate below: together we stand strong! Thank you.

The Crowd vs. GM Corn in Mexico

Stop Monsanto and other multinationals from growing genetically modified (GM) corn that will force all farmers to grow GM corn, will harm biodiversity, and ultimately puts Mexican cultural heritage and way of life at risk. Read more…

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