• Bee Case News

    Posted on 27 January 2017

    Bayer on 15 February and Syngenta on 16 February: Both hearings will be before the General Court of the European Union, which is the court of first instance of the European Court of Justice. Syngenta and Bayer are plaintiffs, each in a separate case. They attacked the Commission with two separate challenges: Bayer to overturn […]

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  • Rosa Moreno, the Legendary Ecuadorian Nurse Who Hosted Celebrities and Battled Chevron Over Pollution Tragically Dies of Cancer

    Posted on 23 January 2017

    San Carlos, Ecuador – Rosa Moreno, the legendary Ecuadorian nurse who hosted major celebrities such as Brad Pitt in her small jungle health clinic while serving as a medical lifeline to people battling Chevron over oil pollution, has herself succumbed to cancer apparently caused by exposure to toxins in her community, the Amazon Defense Coalition […]

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  • Newsletter December 2016

    Posted on 8 December 2016

    Dear Reader, Following a busy time preparing for the successful launch of the new name and website, we were inundated with positive reactions. Thank you all! Donations have steadily crept up too, and the amount of social media followers has increased considerably. Please help to us to increase these numbers and Like, Follow and Share […]

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  • Company directors to face legal action

    Posted on 8 November 2016

    Company directors to face legal action for ignoring climate change (By The Sydney Moring Herald) Australia’s fall from grace as a global leader in the fight against dangerous climate change was rapid and inglorious. But any Australian business leaders who think they got away with sticking their heads in the sand should think again. New legal advice by […]

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  • Tarsands Mining Update

    Posted on 4 November 2016

    The next legal action we are crowdfunding for is the shoot of a video that will be used by th legal team to assist the court in visually understanding how Beaver Lake Cree way of life is affected by development. It will ensure that elderly community members can have their stories documented for later use […]

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  • Press Release 27 September 2016

    Posted on 27 September 2016

    The Hague, The Netherlands, 27 September 2016 We are proud to present the new crowdfunding platform for justice: The Crowd Versus. The Crowd Versus is the crowdfunding platform for legal action against multinationals – and if necessary governments – that make their profits at the expense of people and nature. By collectively raising money for […]

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  • “Winter is coming” as Chevron fights

    Posted on 22 September 2016

    14 September 2016 from the website of Steven Donziger, attorney for the Ecuadorians affected by this pollution: By Adam Klasfeld in Courthouse News Service “Two years before a judge in the Ecuadorian Amazon handed Chevron a massive judgment for oil pollution, one of its executives pledged to ‘fight this case until hell freezes over and […]

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