The Crowd vs. Chevron Oil Spill in Ecuador

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Chevron Oil Spill in Ecuador

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The Crowd Claims
Chevron must clean up its mess in Ecuador.

Next legal action of the crowd
Seize the assets of Chevron in Canada, in order to collect the legitimate compensation of 9.5 billion US dollars, needed to clean up the contamination of 400,000 hectare Amazon rainforest and to set up a large health care program. To cover the ongoing costs for preparation of this upcoming legal step, scheduled in 2018, The Crowd is aiming for a target of monthly US $3,000 (2.500 euro) in donations.

In 2011, the Ecuador National Court ordered Chevron to pay 9.5 billion US dollars to clean up 400,000 hectare of polluted Amazon rainforest and to set up a large health program. The contamination was arising due to inappropriate and outdated oil extraction methods between 1964 and 1995. Until now Chevron refuses to pay and has meantime stripped all its assets in Ecuador.

Legal progress
The Supreme Court decision in Canada allowed the victims to proceed with the enforcement in that country.

Case background and who The Crowd supports
Chevron left Ecuador years ago, but it “forgot” to take home the 16 billion gallons of toxic waste that contaminates streams and rivers relied on by local inhabitants for their drinking water, bathing, and fishing. After that, Chevron ignored the Ecuadorian National Court and refused to pay the 9,5 billion US dollars to clean the contamination of 400,000 hectare Amazon rainforest.

This deathly pollution of the Amazon was caused by Texaco (acquired by Chevron in 2000) by using inappropriate and outdated oil extraction equipment and methods between 1964 and 1995, in the Lago Agrio oil field. Ever since, indigenous people and farmers have been permanently exposed to contaminated water and lands, causing many of them to fall (very) ill, even leading to their deaths. In the affected area, high rates of cancer and other diseases occur.

In 1993, these 30,000 victims sued Chevron, formerly Texaco, in a class-action lawsuit in New York. Nine years later, Chevron, however, persuaded the U.S. Court to transfer the case to Ecuadorian courts. The subsequent trial in Ecuador took ten years, finding Chevron guilty of damaging the Amazon rainforest and its indigenous people. This verdict, which ordered Chevron to pay more than 9 billion US dollars to clean up its mess, has been reviewed and confirmed by three different layers of judgment within Ecuador, including the Ecuadorian National Court.

Chevron has stripped its Ecuadorian assets and promised the victims ‘a lifetime of lawsuits’. They have already spent tens of millions of US dollars to refrain from paying the 9.5 billion dollar judgment! The victims are now taking legal steps to seize the assets of this oil multinational in other countries, for instance Brazil, Argentina and Canada, in order to collect their legitimate compensation.

Fromboliere Cia. Ltda (Fromboliere), based in Ecuador, is the NGO/nonprofit that The Crowd Versus works together with for this case. Fromboliere (legaly) represents “The Union of People Affected by Texaco” (UDAPT) and collects and invests resources for this case.

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