Who we are

The Crowd Versus is the crowdfunding platform for legal actions against irresponsible companies and governments world-wide. By collectively raising money for targeted legal action, we can withstand their disproportional power.

We, together with you, are there to help nonprofits fund their lawsuits and other legal actions against conglomerates. These actions are pursued on behalf of a community or ecosystem.

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We don’t work for profit but for justice.

The Crowd Versus is a facilitating platform. The people behind The Crowd Versus are a diverse mix, with backgrounds in law, public affairs, business, strategy, and media. In their joint drive to make the world a fairer and more sustainable place, they dedicate their skills and a substantial part of their free time to The Crowd Versus.

Public Benefit Organization

The Dutch Tax Administration has designated The Crowd Versus to be a “Public Benefit Organisation” (PBO, or in Dutch: Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling, ANBI). PBOs are offered a number of tax advantages:

  • A PBO does not pay Dutch inheritance tax or gift tax on inheritances.
  • A PBO does not pay Dutch gift taxes on gifts that the institution makes for the general good.
  • Natural and legal persons making donations to a PBO may deduct their gifts from their Dutch income tax or corporate income tax.

The Crowd Versus
Jan van Nassaustraat 102
2596 BW The Hague
The Netherlands

Triodos Bank IBAN: NL33 TRIO 078 472 39 15
RSIN number: 853806354
Chamber of Commerce number: 60200669

Since our incorporation on March 10, 2014, our statutory goal is: To promote, protect, support, and stimulate social, environmental, and economic justice on local and regional and global levels for current and future generations. 

For the next few years our strategy focuses on transforming the TheCrowdVersus.org platform into a crowdfunding community raising recurring donations to defend basic rights and spread justice. Starting with a (monthly) donation, you may adopt a high-impact court case, which allows you to:

  • Join a case community connecting you directly with the local nonprofit campaigning for the case
  • Receive updates about relevant case developments and interviews with victims, activists, and/or their lawyers
  • Share case content (videos, blogs, social media memes, etc.) on your personal YouVersus page through social media channels to raise public awareness and invite your friends to join in adopting the case.

This new crowdfunding community wants to realize within the next 5 years:

  • 12,500 case adopters from around the world
  • 50 high-impact cases in defense of basic rights (global and local)
  • €125,000 (monthly recurring) donations.

In compliance with the Dutch ANBI regulations, all members of the Executive Board and the Advisory board receive no income other than expense reimbursements. The operational leaders are paid a modest management fee within the lower ranges of the Dutch renumeration norms for the public sector.

Download our annual Financial Statements here:


Executive Board
Our executive board consists of 3 members with very different backgrounds in legal, finance, public affairs, strategy and media. Inspired by a shared passion for justice and sustainability, they dedicate their skills and a substantial part of their free time to lead The Crowd Versus foundation:
Jan van de Venis (President)
Leida Rijnhout (Secretary)
Jan Willem Nieuwenhuys (Treasurer)

Advisory Board

Our advisory board with extensive international experience in many areas of expertise is installed to support the executive board:
Richard Harvey (Barrister at Garden Court Chambers; lead Counsel at ICTY)
Kumi Naidoo (Secretary General of Amnesty International)
Godwin Ojo (Executive Environmental Rights Action / Friends of the Earth Nigeria)
Uygar Özesmi (Director Eastern Europe and West Asia at Change.org)
Michel Uiterwaal 
(Human Rights Lawyer and Advisor on Extractives, Human Rights and Conflict at IKV Pax)
Samantha Smith
 (Director at the Just Transition Centre)
Cees van Dam (Professor of International Business and Human Rights at Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Dr. Maartje van Putten (Managing Director at Global Accountability)
Gert van Maanen (Expert in development banking and micro-finance)
Joris Voorhoeve (Chair board of trustees at Oxfam International)

Operational Team
The operation is powered by great employees and volunteers:
Marco Witschge (Platform Coordinator)
Asceline Groot (Global Activation Coordinator)
Jone van Rees (Platform Coordinator and Financial Assistant)
Frederik van Randwyck (Collegiate and University Coordinator 2018)
Simone Hanrath (Intern 2019)

Communication and Design
A few engaged agencies have joined The Crowd Versus.
This That + The Other (strategy and communication advisory)
310K  (identity, logo, audiovisual and design)
Natwerk (strategy)
Halal (facilitator)
Mirvoud (copy- and communication advisory)