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To fund the case you care about, simply press the ‘donate’ button of the case. You can then pick your currency and enter the amount you want to donate.

Donate and join a case

On each unique case page you will find information about that case and the current legal step we are crowdfunding for. Unfortunately we can’t always get a hold of the detailed legal information and planning because this may harm the chances of winning in court.


The fundraising nonprofits behind the case of your choice will receive all donations after deduction of a 5% project fee (which includes all payment fees) and a 15% campaign fee to cover all costs to promote the case via various communication channels and this platform.

Keep-it-all fundraising model

The Crowd Versus uses the keep-it-all fundraising model, which means that in the unfortunate case that the fundraising target is not reached, fundraisers agree to spend the collected donations for the same purpose in alternative ways. If the target overshoots, The Crowd Versus uses the money for the next legal step in the case.

For nonprofits

Nonprofits can make use of the crowdfunding platform at a minimal cost. At the same time they can take advantage of the network, knowledge and financial administration of The Crowd Versus.

If your nonprofit wants a case to be crowdfunded through The Crowd Versus, it needs to prove its financial credibility by a track record of cost-effective spending on successful projects and represent a professional and transparent financial organization. A detailed cost specification of the fundraising target budget should also be included.

The legal action itself needs to meet the following criteria:

  • If successful, it creates a major, positive impact on social, environmental, or economic justice on a local, regional, and global level for current or future generations
  • Feasible
  • Embedded in a lifecycle
  • Knowledgeable counsel is retained for this legal action
  • Aimed at measurable and time-bound results
  • Part of a grass roots movement starting with an individual or small group of individuals – either victims or activists – standing up against a powerful party that is clearly involved in an unjust practice.

Only when your case meets these criteria, can we guarantee the crowd that all donations will be used for their intended purpose. If you have a solid case, please submit your request by following the link below.

Crowdfund your case


The fundraising nonprofits receive all donations after deduction of a 5% project fee (which includes all payment fees) and a 15% campaign fee to cover all cost to promote the case via various communication channels.