Why we gather

Sometimes, legal action is the only way to stop violations of our basic social, economic and environmental rights. That’s where we gather, and why we gather. The Crowd Versus raises money for targeted legal actions against irresponsible companies and governments.

Together we can empower justice and hold them accountable.

More importantly, we – together with you – generate attention for the injustices all over the world in the media and public / political debates. Winning a lawsuit gives a specific verdict for a specific case and often creates a very important change in law. That presents the much-needed change for the better in social or environmental justice.

Why donate

Your donation helps empower justice.

The Crowd Versus financially supports nonprofits engage in their legal fight against multinationals. As a crowd we the people are able to fight back and stop multinationals only looking at profits.

The nonprofits we work with pursue their cases on behalf of people or ecosystems they know through their daily work.

This is a prerequisite for us when starting lawsuits on these matters.

The reason we ask for monthly donations is simple: the recurring donation allows for strategic planning during the unpredictable times of a lawsuit. It enables the nonprofits and activist lawyers to work more efficiently.

We understand that not all people can afford this, however, much you may want to help. Therefore, we offer Contributors the option to choose a single donation.

Please know that we appreciate your support and all donations are gratefully accepted.

Donate and join a case