3 October 2019: First published by RAVEN Trust here; reprinted with permission

This week, the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench granted advance costs to Beaver Lake Cree Nation to allow it to proceed with its “Tar Sands Trial” treaty case against Canada and Alberta.

It’s a huge breakthrough for a case that’s been called ‘a gamechanger’ for Indigenous rights in Canada. Now, after years of fundraising and pulling funds from critical community development initiatives to fund the case, Beaver Lake Cree will have the majority of the resources they need to mount a vigorous, well-researched case. 

Why? Because the Court ruled that a case that aims to determine just what treaties are worth in the face of rapid industrialization is of “national importance”. 

We knew that: and you knew that too. That’s why you donated, fundraised, organized events and spread the word to raise nearly $300K in 2018 for the Beaver Lake Cree to pursue this bold strategy to bring their historic case to trial. 

With this advance cost award, Beaver Lake Cree Nation will have the financial resources  to pursue a case which could transform “business as usual” in the oil sands, slowing expansion and forcing every project to be evaluated according to impacts on treaty rights of Indigenous Peoples. 

The Tar Sands Trial would force regulators to consider cumulative effects of industrial development, including fracking and in-situ oil sands extraction. At its core, the case is about upholding the treaties – which enshrine powerful Indigenous rights – ahead of approving projects, such as tar sands extraction, that could render those rights meaningless. 

Supporters outside Court during hearing Feb. 2019

Today, we are one giant leap closer to setting a legal precedent that will uphold the treaties that this country is founded upon. 

The RAVEN community stood strong behind Beaver Lake Cree: you should be incredibly proud of the role you played in lifting up the voices of a frontline Indigenous community.  Thank you for taking a stand, and drawing a line.

To run a national campaign in support of Beaver Lake Cree RAVEN has teamed up with some amazing partners! The Leap, Cadboro Bay United Church, ENvironnement JEUnesse, Justice Climatique Montréal et Climate Justice Edmonton: we couldn’t have done it without you! A big thank-you also to Greenpeace Ontario and the Climate Action Network.


RAVEN Trust Team

Call to Action:

We crowdfund for this case in Europe! As you can tell, environmental human rights litigation is making progress. Any financial help is always appreciated — especially when you donate on a monthly basis. This makes it easier for lawyers to plan ahead. Litigation, even with all the legal help from people who donate their time, remains expensive. Thank you.

The Crowd vs. Tarsands Mining in Canada

Beaver Lake Cree Nation is challenging the governments of Canada and Alberta for breaking their treaty promises by allowing 19,000 permits for mineral developments (mostly tar sands mining) on their territory. For more information, check here.

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