27 February 2019

Press release by the Ecuadorian minister for Energy

This past week, 26 February 2019, the government of Ecuador announced (article in Spanish) that it will repair the environmental damages caused by Chevron in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

This declaration by Carlos Perez, the Minister of Energy of Ecuador, surprised the UDAPT — the Union of those Affected by Texaco-Chevron. The UDAPT organization were neither informed nor consulted. Now, the UDAPT fear that there may be an agreement between the multinational and the national government of Ecuador which they do not know about.


The UDAPT will not  accept reparations as approved by an old agreement between Chevron and Ecuador from 1995-1998. The Ecuador government then agreed to conditions which consisted of sometimes hiding parts of the pollution, such as dirt piled on top of oil pits.

UDAPT Demands

The UDAPT demand that the process of remediations be made transparent. They want to fully participate. The remediation process has to account for more than just the clean-up of the pollution Chevron left behind. The process must restore the water sources, rivers and ecosystems. The UDAPT peoples need good health programs for their high rates of cancer and illnesses. After 26 years of pollution, they require the rehabilitation of indigenous cultures, which they feel is the minimum of reparation to be done.

Most importantly, the UDAPT also demand the remediation process is transparent. They demand to be consulted at each level.

Tuesday 27 February Facebook event:

A Facebook LIVE event was held Tuesday, 27 February 2019, at 11:00 AM Quito, Ecuador time.

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Facebook Posts by Attorney Pablo Fajardo

Facebook posts:

TRANSLATION of Pablo Fajardo’s post:

REPUDIABLE THE ACTION OF THE GOVERNMENT OF ECUADOR. Friends, today the Ecuadorian State through the person of Mr. Carlos Perez, Minister of Petroleum, informed us that the State will remedy the assets left for them by Chevron in Orellana and Sucumbios. That fact is serious. There is a verdict that finds Chevron guilty and condemns it to pay the cost of environmental remediation. Now the State, with money from all of us, wants to remedy what Chevron harmed. This fact apparently reflects a possible agreement between the oil company and the Ecuadorian State. They could not annul the sentence, now they are looking for other mechanisms to weaken the people’s struggle for access to justice. The lack of transparency of the Ecuadorian State in this matter is repudiable and condemnable, they know that there is a condemnatory sentence, and they have not been able to inform and consult those affected. What is more, with what parameters do they want to remedy? With those who have applied Chevron and the State in the past? With those who determine the sentence?
We repudiate this fact and we oppose this supposed remediation if all these facts are not clarified first. I invite you, friends, to remain attentive.

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For further information, please read here at the www.texacotoxico.net website (Spanish version available only).


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