Meet Our Team:

Co-Founder and Platform Lead Marco Witschge

Everyday, the team of The Crowd Versus works on improving social justice all over the world.
We have different roles, backgrounds, and day jobs. We share a clear mission: to hold irresponsible companies accountable for their actions on the legal playing field.

Today we would like you to meet Marco Witschge.

Entrepreneur and Co-Founder

Marco Witschge is an entrepreneur, a policy maker and negotiator, a team builder, and a specialist in multi-stakeholder processes.

As the co-founder of The Crowd Versus Foundation, Marco started a crowdfunding platform to defend human and environmental rights in court.

 I strongly believe in win-win collaboration to create a better and more sustainable world, but unfortunately sometimes our fundamental rights need legal defense against irresponsible multinationals or governments.

We started The Crowd Versus to support the many brave ‘David’ activists out there in their legal battle against these powerful ‘Goliaths’.



  • Launched the company Fit Our Future, to accelerate energy efficiency in SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises; representing 99% of the European business sector) and the nonprofit sector.



  • Founded Stichting ‘Nederland Krijgt Nieuwe Energie’, The Netherlands Receives New Energy Foundation;
  • Initiated a 40+ multi-stakeholder process, which led to the Dutch Energy Transition Agreement;
  • Specialized in constructive dialogues between different participants and stakeholders;
  • Developed a crowd-sourcing tool, which makes bottom-up interactions and idea-sharing possible;
  • United committees in sustainability consisting of seven political parties in a Dutch Energy Transition strategy.

The team of The Crowd Versus is proud to work with Marco.

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