Our New Secretary of the Executive Board, Ms. Leida Rijnhout

Our new Secretary to the Board, Ms. Leida Rijnhout

We are pleased to announce that Ms. Rijnhout has joined the Advisory Board of The Crowd Versus as the official Secretary of our foundation.

Ms. Leida Rijnhout enjoys an extensive background in cultural anthropology, in international development cooperation (with a focus on Bolivia) and especially in system change and sustainability issues.

Among her outstanding achievements, she counts the following accomplishments:

  • She has facilitated and coordinated the global NGO community to realize active engagements with United Nations Processes on Sustainable Development and Environment.
  • Previously, she was heavily involved at and in the preparations of the Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002 (Johannesburg), at Rio+20 in 2012 (Rio de Janeiro), and in the development of the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, including the Sustainable Development Goals (better known as SDGs).
  • She was the European Focal Point for civil society in Europe, in the 10-year Framework on Sustainable Consumption and Production (UNEP).
  • She was the representative for the Environmental NGOs at the OECD, until shortly. At UNEA2 (2016) and UNEA3 (2017) she was the co-chair of the Major Group Facilitating Committee, and the main contact for UNEA and member states for the civil society groups.
  • She was Director Global Policies and Sustainability at the European Environmental Bureau (EEB).
  • She was the Program Coordinator Resource Justice and Sustainability at Friends of the Earth Europe.
  • She was actively involved in the development of the Environmental Justice Atlas (www.ejatlas.org)
  • She is member of the High Level Steering Group of the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials.
  • She initiated a broad alliance of civil society organizations SDG Watch Europe and is still a member of the Steering Group. As representative for this alliance she is also member of the EU Multi Stakeholder Platform on the implementation of the 2030 Agenda, chaired by EU Vice President Frans Timmermans.
  • Ms. Rijnhout was also coordinator of an international think tank on ecological debt and environmental justice.
  • She is full member of the Club of Rome, EU Chapter.
  • She is member of the coordinating group of the Systems of Sustainable Consumption and Production group of Future Earth, working on system change within macro-economics.
  • She has always combined scientific research work, activists’ approaches, field experiences, and policy work. In that regard, she has written many articles and chapters of books regarding strong sustainability.
  • At this time, she is working as a private consultant. For more information: www.leapfrog2SD.org

We look forward to working closely with her.

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