This is How Youth All Over the World Speak Out for Climate Action

Worldwide, more and more children speak out for climate action. They go on a school strike, or sue the Government, because they want politicians and companies to take responsibility for the future. The climate needs priority, because the youth will live with the consequences. We will give you some examples of youth in action.

Two weeks in front of the Swedish Parliament

For two weeks the Swedish Greta Thunberg (15) was on strike at the Swedish Parliament. After the hottest summer ever, she was sure climate action was immediately necessary. She decided to skip school. What was the use of learning something, if politicians didn’t act on the facts. After the two weeks she went back to school, but she still school strikes every Friday. Her goal was clear: she wants politicians to treat the climate crisis as a priority.

Dutch activist

Greta inspired a lot of other people to go on school strike. The Dutch plastic pollution activist Lilly (10) did the same after reading an article in the Guardian ‘Next generation may never see the glory of coral reefs‘. Every Friday she sits from 9 to 10 hours in front of the Town Hall in her village Zeist, until politicians listen to her.

Adults need to cooperate

Sophia Mathur (11) from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada is on school strike once a month. She saw the video of Greta Thunberg and asked her mother if she could do the same. Her message? “Adults need to cooperate and listen to the experts, because this is a crisis”. And also in Australia the message arrived. The group of participants is growing and together they want to make an impact. You can also sign their petition.

Follow their climate action

Want to know more about the developments? Follow their social media accounts #SchoolStrike on social media.

Intro Photo: Still from video ‘School Strike for Climate Action’.

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