The Crowd vs. Chevron Oil Spill in Ecuador

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Chevron Oil Spill in Ecuador


Please enter your donation amount in support of the Amazon locally affected communities in Ecuador to hold Chevron accountable in Canada. They want to raise $2,500 (€ 2,000) on a monthly basis. Thank you!

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18 October UDAPT Marches in Geneva, Switzerland

UDAPT Marches in Geneva in Support of Climate Alliance

18 October 2018

YouTube film by Klima-Allianz Schweiz, 18 October 2018

The UDAPT, the Ecuadorian organization that represents over 30,000 peoples, 6 indigenous tribes, and peasants who are negatively affected, to this day, by the polluted messes left behind by Chevron-Texaco in their Amazonian backyard, participated in a march held in Geneva, by the Climate Alliance Switzerland.

The battle against climate change cannot be won without social justice.


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