Stand with Indigenous Peoples: donate, organize an event, or set up an online fundraiser

Indigenous Nations are on a winning streak in the Canadian country’s courts.  We’ve stopped pipelines, pushed back against open pit mining and built an unprecedented alliance that is igniting all across the country.

Now it’s time to tackle climate destruction at the source:  Canada’s dirty tar sands.

At the heart of the largest industrial project on Earth, a tiny Nation who’ve lost 90% of their territory to oil and gas development are saying, “Enough.”  From tar sands ground zero, the Beaver Lake Cree are waging a monumental tar sands lawsuit against Canada and Alberta to force them to honour treaty rights and push back against tar sands development on their territory.

The lawsuit is the first ever to challenge the cumulative impacts of industrial development. Not one project, not one mine: all of them at once.

Indigenous legal challenges are behind the biggest progressive wins in this country. Cases supported by RAVEN halted the Kinder Morgan TransMountain pipeline. Our Pull Together campaign killed the Enbridge pipeline. From these victories has sprung a movement of people like you, who are strategic, focussed, and 100% committed to level the playing field so that Indigenous Nations can stand toe-to-toe with industry and government in the courts.

It’s a defining moment: will we allow the ideologues who are seizing power to distort our democracy to serve Big Oil’s agenda? Or will we rise together to realize the vision of a fair country, where the caretaker values of Indigenous Peoples become integral to solving the climate crisis?

The Tar Sands Trial aims to force limits on an industry that has been allowed to violate the treaties at every turn, and wreak havoc on the health of ecosystems and local communities. We need leaders like you to build this unprecedented alliance that is growing across the country because — when we join forces — we’re unstoppable.

Stand with Indigenous Peoples: donate, organize an event, or set up an online fundraiser. We’ve got just under 10 weeks before the Beaver Lake Cree go to court, and we need $100,000. Are you in?

In solidarity,

Ayendri, Brendan, Ana, Andrea and the rest of the RAVEN team

P.S. People who stepped up to organize events and host online fundraisers were the magic that helped us to stop Enbridge and Kinder Morgan. Now, we’re unleashing the power of the crowd to stop tar sands at the source. Take it to the next level by hosting an event or setting up an online fundraiser.

P.P.S. Double your impact: pass this message on to someone who needs to know about RAVEN’s Tar Sands Trial.

Thank you!