The Hague, The Netherlands, 27 September 2016

We are proud to present the new crowdfunding platform for justice: The Crowd Versus.

The Crowd Versus is the crowdfunding platform for legal action against multinationals – and if necessary governments – that make their profits at the expense of people and nature. By collectively raising money for targeted legal action, the crowd can help the individual to withstand their disproportional power.

At the same time, the platform helps NGOs/nonprofits to fund their lawsuits (and other legal actions). These lawsuits are always pursued on behalf of people or ecosystems they are familiar with through their daily work.

Because sometimes legal action is the only way, this brand-new platform, formally known as “Grrrowd”, was realised by a diverse mix of people, with backgrounds in law, public affairs, business, strategy and media. The lessons learned during the “Grrrowd” period resulted in this new crowdfunding platform.

A legal fight can be won inside – and outside a courtroom. The Crowd Versus pays attention to both. It funds the costs ‘inside’ the courts (for instance court fees, research and lawyers) and supports the part of the lawsuit that happens outside the courts, including (social) media, influencing public opinion and lawmakers. That’s why we, next to crowdfunding for money, will actively keep our focus on generating noise around our cases.

Please experience this new platform: and find out more about the current cases:

The Crowd Versus Bee-harming pesticides
The Crowd Versus Chevron oil spill
The Crowd Versus GMO corn
The Crowd Versus Tarsands mining
The Crowd Versus Ibutho coal

For questions, an interview or more background information, you can contact:

Communications Lead Sander Koolwijk: 0031702210362 (office) /
President (and environmental human rights lawyer): Jan van de Venis:

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