The Mexican cultural heritage and way of life is at risk by genetically engineered corn. Corn is part of the daily lives of all Mexicans. Now and in the past. It is not only the staple food of Mexico, but it also has immense cultural value. Over a period of 8,000 years, Mexicans cultivated over a thousand types of corn that originated in this country only. The video shows what is at stake.

Genetically engineered corn

This short video explains the statement that ‘genetically engineered corn is destroying Mexico‘. It gives insights on the background of maize, corn, and genetically modified corn.

The risks of GMO corn

If Mexico authorizes genetically engineered corn, it comes with many risks. The diversity of native Mexican corn is at risk through contamination. Farmers are at risk, if multinationals gradually force them to grow GMO corn. Mexicans can loose their cultural heritage and way of life. The crowd risks that in the end daily food will come with a patent, and companies like Monsanto will have the monopoly on food and on pesticides. The crowd also risks that there will be no other choice than GM corn. In this way GM corn will also harm all of our biodiversity.

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